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Concert in Dawson Creek B.C.

Dawson Creek, B.C., Canada - Kiwanis Performing Arts Centre February 17th, 2016 07:00

The Schoen Duo will be performing at the Kiwanis Performing Arts Centre in Dawson Creek, B.C. on Wednesday February 17 at 7:00 PM.  The Concert will feature works from their recent release, Profile, as well as new material.

Tickets are $20 regular admission and $10 for students and are available at the KPAC box office, 10401-10th Street, Dawson Creek. Phone: 250-782-9325 / email:

In Concert in Vermilion

Vemilion, AB, Canada - First United Church September 27th, 2015 19:00

The Schoen Duo will be in concert at the First United Church in Vermilion, Alberta on Sunday Sept. 27 at 7:00 P.M. The concert will feature folk music of eastern Europe from the Codex Caioni, the music of Telemann, C.PE. Bach, Bartok, as well as selections from their EP Profiles.

SAA Leadership Retreat 2015 “Teaching is an Art Form.”

Columbus, Ohio - Deer Lake Resort May 20th, 2015 00:00

We attended the Suzuki Association of the Americas Leadership Retreat this May. This is a very intense and stimulating event, with non-stop sessions for three days, plus extra events before and after the main part of the conference.

Leadership 2015 cert award 2Kathleen is on the committee for the SAA Conference in May 2016, so any teachers reading this blog entry can contact her if there is a particular session you would like to see at the conference.

ESFRS students can look forward to some exciting new additions to the group classes next year, thanks to some wonderful Suzuki Early Childhood Education and Kodaly based music reading resources that we have brought back.

Thomas was able to work with Brian Lewis for six hours on advanced group class material, so STE violin students can also look forward to exciting new things in group class next year.

And in between all these wonderful sessions, there was time for Kathleen to accept an SAA Certificate of Achievement. This was for her work as a flute teacher, in addition to her work as a SAA Teacher Trainer for recorder.



The “Ghost” of C.P.E. Bach

December 02nd, 2014 00:00

We recently performed the CPE Bach Sonata for solo flute, with the accompaniment of the “Ghost” part written by Gary Schocker. We were experimenting with the juxtaposition of the very old music and the very new music, and trying to make the “ghost” part sound quieter and more distant (ghostly). We ended up playing the old music on the modern flute, and the newer “ghost” part on the baroque violin with a mute. We also had the “ghost” stand far away, to increase the idea of a distant echo.

The composer liked it. When we wrote to him for permission , he said  “Well, I love it. Please share on YouTube. Violin is much more ghostly than another modern flute.”

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About Us:

Thomas & Kathleen Schoen are classically trained performers on both historical and modern flutes and violins. Their repertoire ranges from early music on period instruments to modern works that use phrase sampler loopers and other modern technology. read more


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