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Winter Practice Giving Challenge 2018

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Each December we challenge our students to track the number of days they do both listening and practice. They keep track on a chart that creates a ladder, one side of the ladder is listening, the other is practice. Each day they do both practice and listening they create a rung that takes them higher!
Our studio gives a donation gift to Plan Canada based on the number of rungs generated by the students. This year it was planting trees around schools. Plan Canada says “Planted around the perimeter of school yards, these trees create a living fence for school children. They provide protection and shade, creating beautiful places to play and helping to make schools safer for thousands of girls and boys. Help a thriving, growing legacy take root.”
The challenge was we would donate 1 tree for every 50 rungs.
This December our students tracked their listening and practice for about 3 weeks.  In those few weeks they listened and practiced for a combined total of 406 days and we donated 8 trees.
Thanks you also to the Dong family who added to our studio donation by giving a gift of Medicine for Moms and Babies.

FREE drop-in “taster” class for CEL 1

Edmonton, Alberta - Schoen Duo Studio June 23rd, 2018 11:00

CEL = Creative Ensemble Lab

  • Group lesson for students where the emphasis is on improvisation and composition.
  • Any instrument, any age (adults find it just as fun as kids!)
  • CEL 1 – very accessible for ages 3 – 10, but older beginners enjoy it too
  • CEL 2 – reading music is a pre-requisite: we will write down the improvisations to create musical compositions, and learn something about music theory as we work.

FREE drop-in “taster” class for CEL 1

  • Saturday June 23
  • 11 am
  • Schoen Duo Studio

Email us at if you want to come – we need to know how many are coming so we don’t exceed the capacity of our classroom.

Cats in the Kitchen Concert

Edmonton, Alberta - King Edward Park Small Hall January 13th, 2018 19:30

An evening of “kitchen music” with the Schoen Duo, ranging from kitchen party fiddle tunes (yes, with spoons) to a new piece by Philip Bimstein called Cats in the Kitchen featuring pre-recorded cat and kitchen sounds.

Early Childhood Music class has openings!

- King Edward Park Small Hall Saturday mornings at 9:30 am

Suzuki Early Childhood Class has openings for new student families!

Drop in anytime  for a free observation class.

Open to all parents with children aged 0-3 years.

Have a newborn? Classes are free until your child is 3 months old.

Registration & Class times and locations

Learn music the same way and the same time as your child learns to speak – easy, fun, and natural! Developmental advantages have been documented in this study.




Nature? Nurture? Teacher?

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada - MacEwan University - Stollery Hall (room 409) August 17th, 2017 13:00

  • 780-944-4209

About Us:

Thomas & Kathleen Schoen are classically trained performers on both historical and modern flutes and violins. Their repertoire ranges from early music on period instruments to modern works that use phrase sampler loopers and other modern technology. read more


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