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Fall practice ladder challenge

During the four weeks leading up to the school winter break, we challenged our students to keep track of the number of days they practiced, AND the number of days that they listened to their reference recording. For every day that they did both, practicing AND listening, they earned a rung on our studio practice ladder.

For every 50 rungs on the ladder, we made a donation through the Plan Canada Gifts of Hope  program. Up to 200 rungs on the ladder, we donated baby chicks;  up to 400 rungs, we donated beehives; up to 600, sheep; up to 800, goats, and if they got past 800, we would go for the whole barnyard. 🙂

This year the students built a practice ladder of just over 400 rungs, earning 4 baby chicks and four beehives.  The challenge is to get to the sheep next year 🙂




Cats in the Kitchen Concert

Edmonton, Alberta - King Edward Park Small Hall January 13th, 2018 19:30

An evening of “kitchen music” with the Schoen Duo, ranging from kitchen party fiddle tunes (yes, with spoons) to a new piece by Philip Bimstein called Cats in the Kitchen featuring pre-recorded cat and kitchen sounds.

Early Childhood Music class has openings!

- King Edward Park Small Hall Saturday mornings at 9:30 am

Suzuki Early Childhood Class has openings for new student families!

Drop in anytime  for a free observation class.

Open to all parents with children aged 0-3 years.

Have a newborn? Classes are free until your child is 3 months old.

Registration & Class times and locations

Learn music the same way and the same time as your child learns to speak – easy, fun, and natural! Developmental advantages have been documented in this study.




Nature? Nurture? Teacher?

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada - MacEwan University - Stollery Hall (room 409) August 17th, 2017 13:00

Front Porch Concert

Edmonton, AB Canada - Front Porch June 03rd, 2017 16:00

We are exploring the space between street busking and house concerts with a Front Porch Concert that is part of Make Something Edmonton’s 100 In 1 Day project on June 3.

The music starts at 4:00 PM  on our front porch at 8937-79 Ave.

Sit on the grass or bring your own lawn chair to this free event featuring music old and new.

For the full story behind this event, click here.

See the CTV News interview, click here

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About Us:

Thomas & Kathleen Schoen are classically trained performers on both historical and modern flutes and violins. Their repertoire ranges from early music on period instruments to modern works that use phrase sampler loopers and other modern technology. read more

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    Thomas receives Long Service Award from Augustana Faculty U of A

    Thomas receives Long Service Award from Augustana Faculty U of A

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    Salterello (excerpt)

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    In this EP we demonstrate the wide variety of styles we can cover. Medieval and Baroque music on period instruments, modern compositions that recall folk traditions, Native American and Metis melodies, and, of course, a little bit of classical music too.   About the Music: Salterello: This anonymous Italian dance from c.1400 is played on […]