Suzuki Early Childhood Education Class

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Suzuki Early Childhood Education is a music program designed for parents and children aged 0-4 years. Using a carefully selected set of action songs and lullabies, infants and toddlers experience learning music as a second language following the same process as learning to speak their mother tongue. Easy, fun, and natural! We create an environment in the class that nurtures this process for both parents and children. SECE classes are the only infant music classes that are designed to transition seamlessly into instruction on any musical instrument starting as young as 3 years. As the children mature, more complex layers of activity are added to the familiar songs to develop pre-instrument skills. What makes Suzuki ECE different from other music classes for children?


  • Drop in with your child at any class (no charge)
  • Classes are free for expectant mothers and any children under the age of 3 mo.

Class times and locations:

  • September through June: Weekly classes on Saturday mornings, starting September 11
    • 9:30 am – 10:30 am (see calendar below for specific dates )
    • Fall 2021 classes will continue online via Zoom – we are looking forward to returning to in person classes when it is safe to do so. Wondering about online classes with little kids? Check our blog post about that here.
  • Summer Term – 5 consecutive weekday classes at a Suzuki Institute
    • Summer 2022 times TBA
    • online or in person TBA pending COVID-19 developments


Registration & Cost:

Get the latest research on why these classes are so beneficial:

Thanks to the late Dr. David Gerry, music cognition researcher and Suzuki Flute teacher trainer,  for the links to his research papers!

Useful information for parents:

*NEW* The Edmonton Suzuki Early Childhood community is developing a separate website for the local program. Check out our progress here for up to date info, blog posts, and more!