It’s time for our annual charity practice challenge!

We didn’t do this last year because we couldn’t figure out how to do it on line, but we think we have it organized now for this year.

This year’s challenge will go from November 8 to December 12.

Here are the final totals as of December 12.

Thank you Matthew, James, Liam, Jordan, Kiana, Joshua, Ivan, Anastasia, Heleine, David, Corbyn, Chieza, Laurel, Emely, Giny, Jay, Andrea, Sofia, Corri, Ella, Alex, and Clara for participating, and thank you to all your parents for supporting your home practice!

Here’s how it works:

  • You keep track of how many minutes you practice each day. We will send you instructions for how to do this on line.
  • We will add up everyone’s accumulated minutes each week, and post the total on this page.
  • When certain totals are achieved, we will submit the following donations through Plan Canada:

For a studio total of 12 hours, we will make a donation of face masks.

For a studio total of 100 hours, we will make a donation of vaccine support.

For a studio total of 200 hours, we will make a donation of either remote learning or health care worker support.

You will get to choose which one – we will poll participants when we reach this level.

Schoen Duo Studio will make these donations based on the amount of reported practice time. If you want to make additional contributions or donations, you can reach the Plan Canada website by clicking on any of the images above or at this link:

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