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Creative Ensemble Lab (CEL)

Make it your music.

The excellent ear and fine classical training provided by the Suzuki approach +  improvisation, arranging, and orchestration techniques =  you playing music that is uniquely yours.


Weekly classes – Saturday at 3:30 pm

  • Starting January 21, 2018
  • Ending May 5, 2018
  • (no classes February 17, March 31, April 7 )


Schoen Duo Studio


Using concepts from:

Working in small groups, we will explore these ideas to create and transform music.

The unique pieces created during this process will be presented in the last class.

This is a multi-level and multi-instrument class. We will break the class into smaller groups by instrument, age, or level as required.


Students in Suzuki programs develop an excellent ear, and can learn things very easily just by listening. Thanks to a rigorous classical training, they can play anything they hear on their instruments. In this class we use improvisation of original music and arranging music in other styles to open the doors of possible musical expression beyond the traditional classics. We also present music theory concepts in order to write down what we create, which can lead to taking the RCM theory exams as an extra project  if a student is interested in going in that direction (this is optional).


This is an experimental class which is, at the moment, provided free of charge to our own students. We will eventually be charging an annual studio fee to cover opportunities like this, but that will not be set in place until Fall 2018. If you study with another teacher, but would like to try out this class, ask your teacher’s permission first, and then contact us at


  • 780-944-4209

About Us:

Thomas & Kathleen Schoen are classically trained performers on both historical and modern flutes and violins. Their repertoire ranges from early music on period instruments to modern works that use phrase sampler loopers and other modern technology. read more

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